THREE SEEDS OF VICK: A Story of Truth, Addiction, and Hope


Last Sunday I stumbled upon an ultimately disturbing story on Twitter.

Michael Vick got a dog. The words led to a report, which has not been disproven, that the CEO of The Humane Society of the United States, Wayne Pacelle, aided this endeavor. I read on, mouth completely open, to see statements made on an anonymous blog that the HSUS had also received a 50k dollar donation relating to this issue. I was unequivocally blown away. My mind ran through a play by play of previous Vick ventures headlining the media in July of 2007. My heart was racing, but soon my attention vaulted back to the present and I was able to pick up my jaw from the floor and begin the stew.

I first had to throw away my initial thoughts about Mike Vick, how he should never have a dog, no matter what time he spent incarcerated or on probation, not allowing him to have an animal. I simply thought, this is WRONG with a capital VICK! At this moment, I planted three seeds within my galloping thoughts of what I had to research in order to evaluate this rotten agitation.

Michael Vick was arrested and then charged with involvement with dog fighting, later to be sentenced to 23 months in prison. Statistics show that 52 percent of crimes are repeated, thus producing repeat offenders.
Vick’s crimes were a far cry from “white collar”, the notion that his offenses were only financial are completely invalid. He admitted, in court, that he killed under achieving dogs by hanging, electrocution, beating, dismemberment, drowning, etc. with his own hands. An individual with a mentality to think of, and carry through with, these acts is pure evil and I am certain that more than a few Americans feel the same.Image During an interview with Piers Morgan on CNN, Wayne Pacelle, CEO of HSUS, quoted Michael Vick as saying, “No one ever told me it was wrong”.  Piers recited from Vick’s book, FINALLY FREE, declaring, “I knew it was wrong, seemed mean, even cruel”.  Am I the only one who finds these statements contradictory? Did Michael Vick rehabilitate his own demons while imprisoned? I find that incredibly inhuman, bringing me to this. If he did those things before, who can say what he will do with a new dog in the house? For anyone who has ever had a dog, I don’t need to explain certain frustrations one will encounter with their furry friend. I can only imagine how Mike Vick would handle these situations. What’s to say little Fido fiddles on the furniture and Vick, out of reflex and past actions, strikes the dog in a manner unsuitable to positive dog corrections? This could open a very dangerous door for the dog to become aggressive, combative, or simply a fear ridden biter. This seed rapidly grew into a vine of possible outcomes such as attacks to his children, family, friends, or even himself. Depending on the breed, obviously, a small dog may lead one to a band-aid or even a few stitches. A power or larger breed, which rumor says he has, could result in many stitches, staples, bone fractures, disfigurement, and even death. TRUTH.

The second seed I planted was one of addiction and compulsion. Dog fighting heavily revolves around gambling, which is considered to be an addition with a lifetime of recovery, much like alcoholism. Facts show that individuals with personalities susceptible to these tragic afflictions must constantly battle to isolate the aggravating factor. When speaking of the first dogfight Michael saw at the age of eight years old, he replied to Piers Morgan of CNN using the phrases, “I always had a passion for…” and “my fascination with dog fighting began…” Piers then asked if it “seemed exciting”. Vick responded quickly, “umm, yea” and did not disagree with remarks about it being an obsession or addiction. OK. Mike Vick has now expressed that fighting dogs was fascinating, intriguing, addictive, and even an obsession. As defined by Webster’s Dictionary, the word addiction can be summed up in one word. Habituate. This seed grew when only I turned my head for a moment.

The third seed is that of hope. Scenario: An individual molests a child and does his/her time in prison. If the sentence allows release, the person is required to register him/herself as a sex offender with no allowance to be privy to children for life. They are not given a “probation period” prohibiting themselves from having the company of children until the time allotted passes. It is indefinite.

Animals have rights too. Yes, I understand they are not human beings who are birthed by another human being, go to school, attend university, gain employment, or pay taxes. But countless Americans do, in fact, consider their pets as family. The pet industry clears an estimated 52 billion dollars a year (according to the American Pet Products Association), proving nothing less than their care, compassion, aid of disabilities, law enforcement, military maneuvers, and numerous means of therapy is a value to society. There are people who cannot live without their loyal four legged assistant. Seeing Eye dogs enable countless people to live independently. A dog named “Stubby” was the most decorated war dog and was promoted to Sergeant while serving his time through combat in WWI.

If animals have the capability to contribute such deeds, why can they not receive the protection they so well deserve?

The third seed is underground awaiting nourishment. People should be held accountable for these unmentionable and heinous crimes against animals. If for no other reason we should honor and protect our animals because God created them for His pleasure and to display His glory.

As this seed of hope has not surfaced, it is my wish to bring awareness to a lawful proposal making individuals convicted of animal abuse or cruelty required to list themselves in a city-state-national database with no allowance for possession of any animal for the remainder of their life.

Please use your voice. Spread awareness. What we allow is what will continue.

Jaime Elizabeth Daughtridge              Original Post: 10 12 2012 (Xanga)


AGGRAVATED DECEPTION: The Humane Society of the United States





Humane Society of the United States

Image                                          If you donate to HSUS…

YOU ARE NOT HELPING the shelter pets in your community.


Inside the past month I’ve rediscovered Wayne Pacelle. How I missed so much of this tom foolery, I’ll never know. Yes I will. I was one of the many people who trusted “all things Humane Society”. Naïve, I suppose, but I’d like to think it more accurately termed “unfurnished”. I originally titled this story ‘Wayne Pacelle’s Far Climb to Humanity’ with the tune of the yodeler from The Price is Right scaling the mountain dollar chart in mind. Also, I resolve to give a valiant effort to not mention Michael Vick… But it’s damn sure difficult to think of one without the other when just so recently Vick attained a family pet of the canine persuasion with Wayne’s, well, let’s just say “face”.                                                           Ah Wayne, you animal lover you

Wayne Pacelle, (puh-SELL’-ee*), is the CEO of

The Humane Society of the United States.

 What exactly is a CEO anyway?

A chief executive officer (CEO) is the highest-ranking corporate officer (executive)

or administrator in charge of total management of an organization.

Typically, the CEO has responsibilities as a communicator, decision maker, leader, manager and executor. The communicator role can involve the press and the rest of the outside world, as well as the organization’s management and employees; the decision-making role involves high-level decisions about policy and strategy. As a leader, the CEO advises the board of directors, motivates employees, and drives change within the organization. As a manager, the CEO presides over the organization’s day-to-day, month-to-month, and year-to-year operations.

 Thanks Wikipedia, good enough for me.

Acquiring and maintaining this position must put the individual in the spotlight allowing him or herself to become a target, so to speak. For this reason, I find no means not to do some writing warm ups using him as the hub.


We have no need to source our findings for the question “What is the Humane Society of the United States?” It’s an organization with branches all over the nation that accepts donations to help animals, right? WRONG. Aside from sharing two words, humane and society, the Humane Society of the United States is not affiliated with your local humane society. HSUS does not host, organize, or operate a single pet shelter and only gives one percent of its budget to local shelters. Donors may receive some kind of crap, such as bookmarks, mailing labels, stickers, pens and pencils, or a bumper sticker.   Wayne has even admitted that only 20 percent of its efforts involve pets.

Awareness among regular based donors of the dirty deeds done by the HSUS, and, of course, in conjunction with Wayne Pacelle, and now has triggered them to turn their pockets to local rescues and shelters. But there are still numerous people who have not been enlightened about such deeds.

What are these “dirty deeds” I speak of? Let us begin with fundraising scams, dishonest advertising, and shear betrayal by Mr. Pacelle. It is not uncommon to hear one educated of this topic make a statement such as the following: HSUS actively perpetuates this confusion by running emotionally manipulative advertising campaigns. Justin Wilson, senior research analyst at the Center for Consumer Freedom, argues that the Humane Society’s ads give donors a false impression of where their money goes, and that his group is simply informing the public of what the Humane Society actually does. So does the Humane Society really give just 1 percent of its budget to animal shelters? Yes, says Humane Society President and CEO Wayne Pacelle.

One misguided campaign ad that comes to mind is the Sarah McLaughlin message with a slideshow of sad-looking dog and cat photos, while her song ‘Angel’ chimes in the background. Come on, we’ve all seen it. Some of us even have to look away as it tugs at the strings of our hearts. The Humane Society is no dummy to the fact that the heart leads many to financial endeavors without the heads consent. HSUS has a history of deceptive fund raising tactics which successfully leads donors to the thought that donating to HSUS directly helps shelter pets. Oh, and that fine-print disclaimer noting that they are not affiliated with local humane societies? You will find it on less than one percent of the ads. Their ads have been scrutinized over the past two years, and over 90 percent of them do not have a disclaimer on them.


The following FACTS were cited from

Please read Mr. Winograd’s well documented events regarding these issues.

 Wayne betrayed the victims of Michael Vick by lobbying to have them killed, even as he embraced their abuser, to the detriment of the animals and our cause.

In 1993, Wayne Pacelle’s group, the Fund for Animals, was seeking legislation to round up and kill cats in California.

In 2007, while Wayne Pacelle was lobbying to have the Vick dogs killed, he was fundraising off of them by telling donors that they were caring for them, when they were not.

In February of 2009, over 150 Pit Bull-type dogs and puppies were seized from a dog fighter in Wilkes County, North Carolina. Each and every one was systematically put to death over the opposition of rescue groups, dog advocates, and others. Some of the puppies were born after the seizure. And a foster parent was even ordered to return two-week old puppies she had nursed back to health to be killed. As they did in the Michael Vick case, HSUS once again led the charge to have all the dogs, including the puppies, slaughtered

In March 2009, a San Francisco, CA Commission took up the issue of a No Kill city by considering shelter reform legislation to mandate the types of lifesaving programs the pounds in that community were refusing to implement voluntarily, killing animals for being “too fat,” “too old,” “too playful,” and “too shy.”  But the law, and the No Kill reform effort, was be tabled after Pacelle himself wrote a letter insisting on the right of “shelters” to kill animals in the face of readily available lifesaving alternatives they simply refuse to implement, arguing that pet overpopulation prevented more lifesaving, and arguing that “shelters” should not be regulated. The beat goes on.

A 2010 survey of New York State rescue groups found that 71% of them were being turned away by at least one “shelter,” and those “shelters” then turned around and killed the very animals they offered to save. The end result is that tens of thousands of animals are being killed in New York State pounds even though they have an immediate place to go. Legislation to mandate collaboration which would have saved those lives at no cost to taxpayers, was not supported by HSUS.

Every year, Wayne Pacelle’s organization calls for a celebration called “National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week,” where we are asked to reward animal shelters and the “dedicated people” who work at them. According to the annual press release, HSUS is “the strongest advocate” for shelters. But at the same time as HSUS proclaims itself the Number 1 cheerleader for killing shelters in the country, there is an ever-increasing amount of nationwide media coverage revealing widespread animal neglect and outright abuse at these very institutions. You would expect that the head of the nation’s largest and wealthiest animal protection group would condemn shelter atrocities like those occurring in Los Angeles County “shelters”: Examples, see noted*.Pacelle rarely, if ever, condemns killing shelters for neglect and abuse. In fact, Pacelle even came to the defense of Miami-Dade’s regressive director (since forced to resign) even after video surfaced showing abusive killing, with cats screaming in terror as they were put to death cruelly.

 They, HSUS, lobbied to stop No Kill legislation in King County, Washington. They supported breed discriminatory legislation in Indianapolis, Indiana that would have led to the round up and killing of Pit Bulls. Pacelle told USA Today and Newsweek that killing in “shelters” is acceptable and that No Kill was warehousing. He and his team lied to the public, falsely claiming an epidemic of dog bites to convey the view that trying to save Pit Bulls was irresponsible and put children at risk.

 When Wayne Pacelle misled donors by asking for money for the care of the Michael Vick dogs even though HSUS not only wasn’t caring for the dogs, but was actively seeking to have them put to death, it wasn’t the first time he did so. Parcelle is a repeat offender in the genre of misrepresenting and a blatant part of Pacelle’s fundraising strategy. In 2005, after the most devastating Hurricane in modern history, HSUS raised roughly $30,000,000 to help the animals impacted by Hurricane Katrina. $4,000,000 of that money was spent by HSUS on Hurricane Katrina animals in the aftermath of the devastation.

 In 2009, HSUS set a goal of raising one million dollarsin onemonth on the back of an abused dog rescued in the largest bust of a dog fighting ring in U.S. history. According to the HSUS fundraiser, ‘Faye’ was now safe, in a loving home, recovering thanks to HSUS. None of it was true. HSUS was not involved in caring for Fay. HSUS, in fact, suggested that Fay should be killed. Side note: While Fay was being cared for, and needed surgery, the costs and care were being provided by a small rescue group.

 For a moment let’s change gears and leave Pacelle out, but only to address his associate, the notorious dog fighter Michael “Monster” Vick. Calling Michael Vick a dog fighter does not paint the picture adequately or accurately. Michael Vick took a dog and hung him by the neck “by placing a nylon cord over a 2 x 4 that was nailed to two trees located next to the big shed.” When the dog didn’t die, Vick put on the pair of overalls he wore when he did not want to get blood from the dogs on his expensive tailored suits, and drowned the dog in a 5 gallon bucket of water. He took a second dog that would not die from hanging and tossed the dog to the side, later hanging him again, this time until he did die. Even when some of his co-conspirators wanted to give away dogs that would not fight rather than kill them, Vick refused, stating “they got to go,” meaning the dogs needed to be killed. Vick beat dogs to death. He watched dogs drown in his swimming pool, he shot them, he electrocuted them, he buried them alive, he savagely abused them, he took great enjoyment in it, and he found it funny to watch family pets being torn apart.

 Thank you, Nathan. Again, I advise readers to visit this story in entirety at

Now allow me to quote myself from the beginning of this work. “Ah Wayne, you animal lover you”.  Should I be allowed to disprove my very own words? Absofukinlutely!

Mr. Pacelle began to promote his book, ‘The Bond’ (2001) which included an 11 state PR tour. I admit, not having read this book yet, that I may be less than knowledgeable about it, but, I am, in no way, lacking the knowledge to comprehend simple sentences such as the following. Pacelle told author Ted Kerasote, “I don’t have a hands-on fondness for animals. I did not grow up bonded to any particular nonhuman animal. I like them and I pet them and I’m kind to them, but there’s no special bond between me and other animals.This same man said, in December 2010 “I have been around him a lot and feel confident that he would do a good job as a pet owner,” in regards to Michael Vick expressing his interest in having a dog. Hmm. Not to far from the time 50k dollars was donated through Vick and the Eagles to help launch an anti-dog fighting campaign… I apologize; my previous remark is completely out of context as I am certain it had no bearing on Pacelle’s view of Michael again being a dog owner.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch… “America loves its pets, but also condones hunting animals, raising them for meat and using them in experiments and tests”, Pacelle noted. “You get a lot of mixed signals from our society about this.” Wayne furthered with, “That may explain how Vick was able to “rationalize” his cruelty, adding that it does not excuse it: “He knew it was illegal; he knew it was wrong.” Wayne Pacelle, the head of the nation’s largest animal protection organization was even quoted in saying: “obviously people who are involved in dog-fighting … they really do value the animals in certain ways.”

If I still hold your attention, we are now preparing for a landing.

The bottom line is that people need to be given the gift of awareness.  Consider it your donation to humanity; it’s certainly not a stretch to heed. And it doesn’t cost a thing

Silly dinner conversation? Dull-witted around the cooler at the office? Absurd over a cup o’ Joe at a sports event or child’s recital? The opportunities are infinite and NO, this is absolutely not a senseless topic for discussion! So very many people donate to this organization! Ever heard of someone’s passing and then learn that every penny or asset was left to the Humane Society? No doubt these people have a passion for animal rights. Never have I heard of their passion for Wayne Pacelle’s wrongs. I urge you to do your homework on any org of which you may donate! It’s your money and you have a right to know what will become of it!

At this time, I chose to close this session, if you will, with a few comments floating around the net regarding Wayne Pacelle, CEO of the Humane Society of the United States.

“Wayne Pacelle is nothing more than a modern day Nazi spreading lies and filling his pockets with donation dollars. I for one can do the math on their IRS tax returns posted on the HSUS web site. Facts do not lie!!”

“Wayne Pacelle’s HSUS can be summed up in one quote, from Wayne himself: “I have never felt a close bond to any animal”. And he gets the head job at HSUS?

Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains un-awakened. – Anatole France

“Wake up Wayne.”

“I would argue that Wayne Pacelle has never felt a close bond to anyone or anything except himself and his ego. He is a sociopath, and like any other sociopath, will happily and readily tell any lie to get his way.”

“As I became more active in animal welfare issues I met a lot of people who told me the same story. Former HSUS monthly donors, disillusioned by the trinkets, couldn’t make them stop, wondered why their money wasn’t going to help shelter animals – all wonderful folks who would drop anything to help an animal in need. They had also all stopped donating.”

“If all HSUS cares about is changing policy – why don’t they show court rooms, voter booths and class rooms on their ads? Instead they show abused, sad animals in shelters that pull at your heart strings to help them.”

“They will tell you that it pulls in the money because most Americans relate to dogs & cats – and besides they do *save* animals from puppy mills and fighting rings. Yep, maybe they do – but they don’t take care of them – only dump them somewhere else for another group to pick up the bill.”

“The fact that Wayne Pacelle took money from Vick, and endorses Vick, does rather contribute to discrediting Pacelle.”

“I’m not blind, I do independent fact checking, and I donate time and money locally – and I’m a proud member of the HumaneWatch community, keeping an eye on the HSUS.”

“For many years there have been people who have discovered the untruths and misguided information spewed forth from HSUS. We have been given the run around and the excuses to cover their butts”


They wanted someone who was going to think things up. And they got him.” –His hiring was to be in his own words…



Jaime Elizabeth Daughtridge  10 21 12


For extensive reports and further details please visit my sources:


*Documented actions occurring at Los Angeles shelters:

  • A staff member at Los Angeles County’s animal control shelter kicked a dog forcibly held upside down with a catch-all pole and a hard-wire noose wrapped around his neck; and,
  • When another at this same shelter dragged a dog with a broken back; and,
  • When another dragged two dogs across hot asphalt; and
  • When others allowed a dog to starve and die in a filthy kennel; and
  • When they allowed rabbits to go without food and water. In fact, in what has come to be known as “Spinal Monday,” rabbits were forced to cannibalize one another because they were starving. When staff finally checked in on the rabbits, one of them had his spine exposed as he was being eaten alive by the others; and,
  • When a sick puppy was allowed to languish and die without any care; and,
  • When 80% of cat cages were kept empty while the shelter killed 80% of all the cats it took in.



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E.C. That’s Me!



I wrote the following for a friend about her beautiful baby girl.

Emiline Clare Nance

 born July 13, 2012

Hello, my name is Emmy Clare.

With you, my day, I’d like to share.

First, let me tell you ‘bout my Mom.

Surprisingly, she now stays calm.

I look at her and all about and when she smiles, I never pout.

When I first came, I wasn’t sure.

Her warmth and love made that a blur.

She kisses me and holds me tight.

With her around all things are right.

Sometimes she says I make a stink.

That’s not true, I’d like to think.

She cheers me up when I am down

and brings a smile straight from a frown.

I know one day we’ll be best friends,

but that’s not how this story ends.

There will be times along the way,

I’ll give her grief, not make her day.

And through it all she loves me so, even when my yes turns no.

Many things we will discover with the love of one another.

em and ecem and ec 2

Now, let me tell you ‘bout my Pa. He is the best, but he’s not Ma.

He tries to give me such a giggle,

not knowing that I watch him wiggle.

Dad and I have lots of fun and Mom picks up when we are done.

I know I am my Daddy’s girl, just like an oyster and it’s pearl.

How much he loves me I’m aware,

bought me my first teddy bear.

He laughs and thinks he’s “in the know”,

not knowing how very fast I’ll grow.

He loves my Mom with all his might.

Through that, I see their glowing light.

His heart fills quickly with my touch.

That’s how I know he loves me much.

drew and ec

ec and teddy

Again, my name is Emmy Clare.

Don’t think my name comes from nowhere!

My full first name is Emiline, from Mama L, and now it’s mine.

My middle name comes from a man.

I hear he was a dapper Dan.

We never met and that’s ok, ‘cause he’s my angel every day.

lisa and clarence

Now let’s talk some Mama L. From heaven I am sure she fell.

She loves my Mom and loves my Dad,

while making sure no one is sad.

I describe her as the rock. I hold the key to her heart’s lock.

With my Mom, she did so well. And one day this to her I’ll tell.

To live with her was a surprise.

I’m glad she’s here, ‘cause she is wise.

She helps Mom and Dad with me

and bounces me upon her knee.

Special is the time we share. I even think we make a pair.

Mama L loves me so much, and I love her just as such.

lisa and clarence 2

A tale of two, I haven’t told. I love them both, they can’t be sold.

Charlie is my older sister, Rocco is the oldest Mister.

The two of them love me right back,

even when they get a smack.



Back to me ‘cause it’s my story. I mean, I am the morning glory.

I’m so sweet, I know I am, just like a fluffy little lamb.

I’m too cute, I know this too.

This world is mine and has no clue.

I can’t wait to be big and strong.

You know by now, it won’t be long.

So watch for me when I emerge

and sprout so big with such a surge.

For you to know me is to love, just like that dapper man above.

em and dad

Clarence Jr. Feb 4 1952 – Oct 16 2011

Saturday Mornings: Topical Prompt & Vocab Challenge


Yet again, a Saturday morning has intruded on a perfectly pleasant Friday night. The audacity of its seemingly clockwork reoccurrence each week is impeccably naughty. As disagreeable as it may be, I must respect that it is a proper reminder of our helplessness governing the gravitational pull of each day’s sand.

Some may fail to recognize a Saturday morning’s eminent dictatorship, securely placing them in a category of people immensely superfluous in the scheme of all things morning. I fancy the simple, yet intangible notion that citizens of this nature have never been privy to the occasion known as Saturday morning.

Others may delight in this rotten shenanigan with pleasantries of dawning a new day of life.  I suppose that I could be content knowing that there are a few folks who embrace this event, even whom consider it an excellent bearer of muses. These exceptional joy seekers sashay though a Saturday morning devising uniquely elegant plans for the hours following that dreadful time slot. Worthy are they of solitude, as for to prance through admirable ideas and scale the heights of hope for what gracious blessings may come post morning. Regardless of what this coven of merry witted persons may claim; I am undoubtedly certain that great amounts of these jovial actions are a gruesome attempt to mimic splendor a la “monkey see, monkey do”. Individuals such as this are swollen with self-loathing and perpetual anxiety, which is directly related to their inability to form a lifestyle based on thinking freely. They are enthralled with desires believed to hasten amusement and comfort, while evading their distorted realities to tremendous vaults of wicked thought.

Then there are the undeveloped minds who bellow unabashedly in the face of a Saturday morning. Fright, induced by the flawless change of one day to the next, naturally eludes itself with immense tread. Even when the day changes to a Saturday and the sun rises, they marvel in its welcoming purpose with the same approval as any other day, no examination or explanation required. Although it is a morning being of the Saturday persuasion, it is observed with no discretion of which day. These cherished souls are the treasured of all beings.

Each day’s morning grants certain fortune, but not without the hefty balance of reaping what is declared as the most tremendous gift of life on earth, all the while relentlessly consuming the present. When this disgraceful act commences on a Saturday, it is an abomination.