Saturday Mornings: Topical Prompt & Vocab Challenge


Yet again, a Saturday morning has intruded on a perfectly pleasant Friday night. The audacity of its seemingly clockwork reoccurrence each week is impeccably naughty. As disagreeable as it may be, I must respect that it is a proper reminder of our helplessness governing the gravitational pull of each day’s sand.

Some may fail to recognize a Saturday morning’s eminent dictatorship, securely placing them in a category of people immensely superfluous in the scheme of all things morning. I fancy the simple, yet intangible notion that citizens of this nature have never been privy to the occasion known as Saturday morning.

Others may delight in this rotten shenanigan with pleasantries of dawning a new day of life.  I suppose that I could be content knowing that there are a few folks who embrace this event, even whom consider it an excellent bearer of muses. These exceptional joy seekers sashay though a Saturday morning devising uniquely elegant plans for the hours following that dreadful time slot. Worthy are they of solitude, as for to prance through admirable ideas and scale the heights of hope for what gracious blessings may come post morning. Regardless of what this coven of merry witted persons may claim; I am undoubtedly certain that great amounts of these jovial actions are a gruesome attempt to mimic splendor a la “monkey see, monkey do”. Individuals such as this are swollen with self-loathing and perpetual anxiety, which is directly related to their inability to form a lifestyle based on thinking freely. They are enthralled with desires believed to hasten amusement and comfort, while evading their distorted realities to tremendous vaults of wicked thought.

Then there are the undeveloped minds who bellow unabashedly in the face of a Saturday morning. Fright, induced by the flawless change of one day to the next, naturally eludes itself with immense tread. Even when the day changes to a Saturday and the sun rises, they marvel in its welcoming purpose with the same approval as any other day, no examination or explanation required. Although it is a morning being of the Saturday persuasion, it is observed with no discretion of which day. These cherished souls are the treasured of all beings.

Each day’s morning grants certain fortune, but not without the hefty balance of reaping what is declared as the most tremendous gift of life on earth, all the while relentlessly consuming the present. When this disgraceful act commences on a Saturday, it is an abomination.