E.C. That’s Me!



I wrote the following for a friend about her beautiful baby girl.

Emiline Clare Nance

 born July 13, 2012

Hello, my name is Emmy Clare.

With you, my day, I’d like to share.

First, let me tell you ‘bout my Mom.

Surprisingly, she now stays calm.

I look at her and all about and when she smiles, I never pout.

When I first came, I wasn’t sure.

Her warmth and love made that a blur.

She kisses me and holds me tight.

With her around all things are right.

Sometimes she says I make a stink.

That’s not true, I’d like to think.

She cheers me up when I am down

and brings a smile straight from a frown.

I know one day we’ll be best friends,

but that’s not how this story ends.

There will be times along the way,

I’ll give her grief, not make her day.

And through it all she loves me so, even when my yes turns no.

Many things we will discover with the love of one another.

em and ecem and ec 2

Now, let me tell you ‘bout my Pa. He is the best, but he’s not Ma.

He tries to give me such a giggle,

not knowing that I watch him wiggle.

Dad and I have lots of fun and Mom picks up when we are done.

I know I am my Daddy’s girl, just like an oyster and it’s pearl.

How much he loves me I’m aware,

bought me my first teddy bear.

He laughs and thinks he’s “in the know”,

not knowing how very fast I’ll grow.

He loves my Mom with all his might.

Through that, I see their glowing light.

His heart fills quickly with my touch.

That’s how I know he loves me much.

drew and ec

ec and teddy

Again, my name is Emmy Clare.

Don’t think my name comes from nowhere!

My full first name is Emiline, from Mama L, and now it’s mine.

My middle name comes from a man.

I hear he was a dapper Dan.

We never met and that’s ok, ‘cause he’s my angel every day.

lisa and clarence

Now let’s talk some Mama L. From heaven I am sure she fell.

She loves my Mom and loves my Dad,

while making sure no one is sad.

I describe her as the rock. I hold the key to her heart’s lock.

With my Mom, she did so well. And one day this to her I’ll tell.

To live with her was a surprise.

I’m glad she’s here, ‘cause she is wise.

She helps Mom and Dad with me

and bounces me upon her knee.

Special is the time we share. I even think we make a pair.

Mama L loves me so much, and I love her just as such.

lisa and clarence 2

A tale of two, I haven’t told. I love them both, they can’t be sold.

Charlie is my older sister, Rocco is the oldest Mister.

The two of them love me right back,

even when they get a smack.



Back to me ‘cause it’s my story. I mean, I am the morning glory.

I’m so sweet, I know I am, just like a fluffy little lamb.

I’m too cute, I know this too.

This world is mine and has no clue.

I can’t wait to be big and strong.

You know by now, it won’t be long.

So watch for me when I emerge

and sprout so big with such a surge.

For you to know me is to love, just like that dapper man above.

em and dad

Clarence Jr. Feb 4 1952 – Oct 16 2011